Team building by tango

Looking for a special team building program? Choose us!

With nearly 30 years of senior management experience, and many years of Argentine tango teaching practice we are confident that we offer a program that is not only fun, but also adds value in terms of team dynamics, clear communication and new motivation.

Why teambuilding by tango?

A very dear friend of mine, who is also a coach, asked me why I believe in team build by tango, why I think there is a demand for this. I replied as follows:

“Every time a new beginner’s course starts and there are a lot of curious new faces, some of them a little scared, or insecure, or with high expectations, I come to life, I start to shine and I try to convey to them what tango means to me: Connection, trust, respect, presence, non-violent communication. Tango helps getting to know ourselves better and improving our confidence. With the help of playful tasks we build trust that is one of the key elements of tango. What I want is that the participants would be able to experience what tango gave me during my very first tango class. Ever since I have been teaching tango I always use these technics both in my private and professional life, because tango is a mirror. When I finished, my friend said, “And now you shine as you talk about it.”

Effective teamwork – just like Argentine tango – is built on TRUST. In a TEAM, each member listens to each other, as even the slightest vibration is important. These factors are in constant interaction with each other. Every high-performing  can be characterized by three common criteria: trust within the team, cooperation within the team, and alignment within the team.

Throughout our tailor-made program, you can experience that an empowered team is just as important as an engaged and inspiring leader. While the leader sets the clear direction, builds the foundations, the aim is to allow the team to create and shine. Following is never a passive role, both parties are key factors in this relationship. 

With the help of the steps and energies of Argentine tango you can recognize how to CONNECT in a harmonious way, by non-verbal communicating channels to create and FOCUS. During the assignments participants can experience deeper knowledge that they can apply directly in their own work, generating positive change for the whole team. In a relaxed and interactive way.
At the end of the program, the accuracy and importance of feedback within the team and ability to listen to each other will improve. 

We highly offer our thought-provoking program to understand, improve and raise awareness of team dynamics. The argentine tango – perhaps the only social dance based on improvisation and non-verbal communication, is uniquely suited for your approach. No dance knowledge needed! It is a tailor-made program to match clients requirements, corporate structure and gender ratio. Exercises are not based on conventional gender roles but focusing on strengthening the soft skills of leaders and followers to create a better harmony.

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